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Chris Opie

UK, United Kingdom
  • 249
    Activities in 2018
  • 13,731.9
    kilometers Ridden in 2018
  • 6112

Final Stage. What a team! 5th on Stage.

Ride September 22, 2013
  • 88.0km
  • 170m
  • 1:54:05
    Moving Time
  • 1,923
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  1. Sidi C.
    Sidi C.

    Great TOB, well done.

  2. Carl Dyson
    Carl Dyson

    That was fast!

  3. Nico Druccini D.
    Nico Druccini D.

    That was an awesome result-congratulations to you and the team!

  4. Mr Angry O.
    Mr Angry O.

    If you were that quick how quick was the missile? Great job the TOB was superb drama all week.

  5. Daniel B.
    Daniel B.

    Great result. Did cornwall proud!

  6. Gavin W.
    Gavin W.

    Great finish. Really enjoyed following the team. Will be looking out for you lot in Gran Canaria in Jan?

  7. Steve Hammonds
    Steve Hammonds

    Great finish!!! :)

  8. jason kettle
    jason kettle


  9. Beverley P.
    Beverley P.

    great finish, congratulations to you Chris and rest of the team

  10. Lord Timothy Of M.
    Lord Timothy Of M.

    Nice wheels (spied in the laddock valley about 3:30)

  11. Peter Merrin
    Peter Merrin

    Well done Chris, the commentators on C4 were really bigging you up for the sprint at the end and you delivered.

  12. Tex A.
    Tex A.

    Well peddled a very enjoyable watch all week

  13. Kevin H.
    Kevin H.

    Chapeau, but all you pro's KOMming segs in closed road pro races is a bit off. We need a split category on Strava for closed road races and public road riding.

  14. Bob Douglas
    Bob Douglas

    Well done a good finish

  15. John E.
    John E.

    Well done to you and the team Chris good to see you on the start line in London

  16. Gary  White
    Gary White

    great TOB Chris. When are you back on a road bike ?

  17. Chris Opie
    Chris Opie

    Next month Gary, can't wait!! But the Mtb has been good fun so far.


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