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Ride January 25, 2017
  • 404.9km
  • 4,742m
  • 18:14:42
    Moving Time
  • 12,050
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  1. Rebecca H

    Love it Peter!! Keep on pedaling!!

  2. Ammon Skidmore

    Wow! I'd love to hear more about the I-80 experience after you've had a good long rest.

  3. Christine R.

    +1 to that, Ammon!

  4. Jed C.

    off the Hook! Wow Im cold after looking at track.!

  5. Vernon P.


  6. Bret L.

    Interesting you didn't get off at Soda Springs and take Donner Pass Rd.

  7. David Goldenberg

    WTF :) amazing

  8. faye steiner

    Awesome!!!! So glad I looked back in my feed. Can't wait for the write up, please post, and enjoy the skiing and the mountains!

  9. Rupesh Kapoor

    I've done that segment of I-80 but don't remember any CHP. What did you guys do?

  10. Sf V.

    wow, peter! have a super trip. love the CHP help :)

  11. Philipp V.

    Amazing. I want to go to there.

  12. Philipp V.

    @Bret: Donner Pass Rd was closed

  13. Ammon Skidmore

    That elevation vs temperature chart :D

  14. Daniel Connelly

    Nothing is better before a hard day of skiing then a brisk warm-up of 450 km.

  15. Daniel Connelly

    Okay, so it was only 404 km...

  16. Ted Lesher


  17. Chris "Krash" O.


  18. Mike Jacoubowsky

    Where is the write-up on this ride?

  19. Peter Colijn

    Finally managed to write this up: http://colijn.ca/~caffeine/?m=201707#09 for anyone interested