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Tour of CA, stage 1. We won, but who's the dingleberry who crashed me?

  • 117.0mi
  • 6,654ft
  • 4:52:25
    Moving Time
  • 6,419
  • 222
    Relative Effort


  1. Strava A.

    Awesome recovery after crash! Hope you are ok!

  2. Michael Robertson

    Well done Ted. Super team effort to get the win.

  3. Damien M.

    Great effort!!!! I really enjoyed watching the race, except for the part when you got nailed.

  4. Paul Hoyle

    Chapeau, nice effort to get your boy to the line.

  5. Carson Christen (TriSutto)

    "Bling" Matthews started it all, wasn't it so nice of Howes to run into you though! But then help you up!

  6. Sarah B.

    Love the coverage of you and the team !

  7. Buracho B.

    Matthews. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NHzpk_fUxNE&feature=player_embedded#!

  8. Bret Maiers

    Gutsy ride all day long then blammo! Strong stuff indeed.

  9. Steven Fish

    Hey, great effort to get Sagan back. Yeah, it sucks you got crashed, but at least your time didn't suffer. Nice job leading the team all that way!

  10. Derrick McCarthy

    Great effort Ted! Awesome effort getting Peter up there, great teamwork. Hope you're ok after that crash. That really sucked, great win though for Liquigas.

  11. Paul Stewart

    good job with the kom on coleman

  12. Zw ift

    You looked so frustrated sitting there on the ground.

  13. Patrick B.

    Great bounce back playa

  14. Flint C.

    Great ride and teamwork today, you guys deserved the win!!

  15. Kevin Oliveira

    You guys are beast!

  16. Super F.

    Hope you are not beat up too bad! Hang tough... (looked like a Rabobank guy touching wheels to your left)

  17. Robert Alpen

    Great job! Sh*t happens, I really hope it wasn't as intentional as it looked on the video, glad you're ok!

  18. Darren A.

    awesome ride dude!

  19. Sina M.

    Yeah it was bling Mathews - looks like he tried to ram you off the road - but I think he was moving right because a green edge rider came up pretty hard on his left as everyone was jostling for position - great job. - Sagans a freak!!!

  20. Richard Sandtner

    Great job, wish you good health !

  21. Bj K.

    Amazing work to bring Sagan back in. You are such an asset to the team. crashing sucks but I am pretty sure this is not your first time at the dace.

  22. Scott Hawxhurst

    shitty luck Ted. he slammed you! A phenomenal ride for you and the team despite the setbacks. keep making us Cannondale boys proud!

  23. Doug D.

    Nice work pulling and getting Sagan back up. Too bad about the crash ... no good deed goes unpunished. =\

  24. Jeffrey Glaser

    Great effort. Team work very impressive.

  25. Isaac Hagen

    Dude! I cant believe you pulled Sagan back up for the win. That was awesome to watch. Sorry about the crash.

  26. Jennifer Whalen

    Dingleberries on parade

  27. Joris E.

    Great effort! Great job! Hope you're not to sore today!!!

  28. Chris Shelton

    Tough,,,,,but Bravo to the team and congrats on the Sagan win for the team.

  29. Michael James, Velo Pasadena Racing

    Congrats on the recovery after the crash- we racers her in CA are soooooo excited for the TOC; keep it up for Liquigas and your leaders, see you on Baldy on Saturday. OTR Racing

  30. Andrew L.

    chap - thefuck - eau.

  31. James Slauson

    5 hours, 6500 calories, 330 watts avg. World class.

  32. Peter Dy

    nice work bringing sagan back to the peleton today! unfortunate that you got punted by matthews...

  33. Jason Reid

    Killing it on the front. Nice work man!

  34. Ted King

    Thanks everyone. Dumptruck Full of Friendly Comments. I read and appreciate every single one. I'm in a world of pain, but I'm making a go of it.