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05/13/2012 Santa Rosa, CA

  • 192.1km
  • 2,146m
  • 4:57:02
    Moving Time
  • 4,111


  1. Lorenzo Battistelli

    it's too bad you lost those seconds on the last stretch. were you caught behind matthews' wreck? if so, aren't you supposed to get the same time as the others since it was within 3k?

  2. Lance B.

    ya, hope ur ok after the crash joe!

  3. Joe Dombrowski

    Thanks, guys. Yes, caught behind the crash... it was at 3.1k to go, so I figured we would get same time, but I guess not.

  4. Lorenzo Battistelli

    you should have your team look into that ... Ted King and Matthews got the same time as the finishers. Maybe you had to actually hit the deck to get the time.

    But what do i know ;)

  5. Lance B.

    thx for commenting joe! really bad spot for a crash. bummer. but we're excited for you out there at TOC! go gettm!