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  • 133.9km
  • 1,811m
  • 4:22:22
    Moving Time



    Rock it Tyler, we know you will take gold someday.

  2. Paolo Pappalardo

    All'arrivo della crono individuale mentre ti facevo la foto, dalla velocita mi stava volando il telefono grande.

  3. James M.

    Jump the peloton on the last lap and TT it home on Sunday!

  4. Findley Watt

    keep it up taylor!!!!!

  5. Isaac Sheets

    Nice job at worlds!

  6. Crit C.

    USA USA!

  7. Paul C.

    I am not an american, BUT I genuinely hope that you are USA's leader for the road race and that you crush many souls while winning on Sunday. . . Do what must be done!

  8. Jason Thomas

    Go get those stripes !!! Good Luck...Have no mercy on them.

  9. Deepsteeve .

    Good luck Taylor!

  10. Bart Thompson

    KOM City!

  11. peter reilly

    All the prep done - finish it off

  12. mike 'GeekonaBike' kunnecke

    Go get em tomorrow Champ!

  13. Joe S.

    So many KOMs well done, great ride

  14. Mark Fleming

    Best of luck, Taylor! Eat tons, this is a long one!

  15. Scott MacLean

    great ride you were among some of the best!