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Hillingdon E/1/2/3 - Welcome back legs!

  • 32.3mi
  • 823ft
  • 1:13:07
    Moving Time
  • 1,086
  • 103
    Relative Effort


  1. Jamil S.

    Wowzers - an E123! Good numbers!

  2. Matthew Bond


  3. Danni M.

    How was it?

  4. Peter Shaw

    I was expecting a 3rd only but as E/1/2/3s go it was alright actually. Back again next week

  5. Paul R.

    What's the plan this year Pete? Realistic 2nd cat ambitions?

  6. Peter Shaw

    I'm not going to chase points but I'd like a few really good results both in the crits and on the road. If I manage that who knows, 2nd cat might not be too far away.

  7. Paul R.

    A Roadrace win would be great hey? My dream was to finish a RR in a small breakaway. Maybe you can do it for me.

  8. Peter Shaw

    You know, that is on my to do list. I nearly got in a really strong break at VC Baracchi but my legs fell off a few bike lengths before I got over. I think it's just a case of going for it! Quicker you react, the less you have to bridge.

  9. Paul R.

    Story of my racing life mate. Think about going with the break, talk my self out of it then try chasing it solo once it's got a minute lol. Best of luck in the Wadley, hoping to come in a cheerleading capacity.