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Sean O'Brien 100k* - 3rd / 1st Master

  • 58.0mi
  • 14,518ft
  • 8:46:19
    Moving Time
  • 9:07/mi
    Avg Pace
  • 9,020


  1. Alexander Schulz

    Way to smoke it!!! Was this for a golden ticket?

  2. Yusrina Bennett

    Wow.. you looked 20s:)

  3. Bob Shebest

    It could've been... if I'd been 1st or 2nd. No worries at all. I predicted I'd get 5th so it was nice to get on the podium. Absorb this and come back stronger than ever for the next big adventure!!

  4. Ace Ewing

    You like that vert, over 12 k. Way to JAM!

  5. The Streeeker

    Nice work Bob!

  6. Kim Espat

    Podium! That's awesome 👏🏼

  7. Kimberly L.

    Congrats Bob!!

  8. Paul Wais


  9. Kevin Deutsche

    Hell of a race. Strong work!

  10. Jason M.

    Great work Bob! #beastmode!!!

  11. Jorma Gates

    Smoking time Bob, strong ass work out there! p.s. thanks for the tips on my race ;) I survived

  12. Chris Castleman

    Nice work, congrats!

  13. Bob Shebest

    Survived = Thrived Jorma Gates! Congrats man. That's HUGE!!

  14. Bert Braden

    Sonoma County Ultra Dudes Kick Butt!

  15. Adrian Ramirez

    Wow Bob! Congrats! Awesome job!

  16. Justin Borton

    Nice work!

  17. Chad Brown

    Just a beautiful run beast bob nice

  18. Travis Grappo

    Danggggg...love seeing my fellow masters runners podium!! Great job.

  19. Станислав Дубровин

    я просто восхищен!!!

  20. Michael Jimenez

    So consistently strong, one of my biggest trail running inspirations! Cheers Bob!

  21. Eric Walker

    So disciplined on the pacing. Golden Ticket soon!

  22. Samir S.

    Way to shred!! Congrats!

  23. Kevin Deutsche

    Stellar work out there! Just hope to learn pacing and strong finish from you and Jorma this year

  24. Yuri Gonzaga Ⓥ

    incredible, Bob. Congratulations!