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Watsonville to SJB + Fremont Peak. A ride to remember: did the equiv. of a metric century, passed the 1000 miles mark, did FP and got a QOM title on it.

  • 66.4mi
  • 4,941ft
  • 5:05:53
    Moving Time
  • 2,287


  1. Jeff Beebe

    Awesome! Your QOM!!! Congrats

  2. Rick Flores

    Caulk up another QOM !!! Good to get and ride with you today.

  3. Isabelle Magnin

    Thanks guys, it was totally unexpected, I did not think I was gonna pull anything special on FP as I was having a difficult time on the ride to San Juan Bautista not being able to keep up with the group + I had to stop on the FP climb. It feels GOOD.

  4. Tony Rall

    Fantastic effort - esp. for someone who has already accomplished her goal for the month. Great QOM. But note that this is one of those segments that isn't all that well defined - it starts in the wrong place. A better segment is the one called "Fremont Peak Hill Climb Race" - that one has over 3 times as many participants.

    Regardless, I can't imagine ever climbing at that speed.

  5. Isabelle Magnin

    I am very happy with that QOM title. The other one you are referring to, there is no way I could get it, but I am #7 on it, so that is plenty good :)
    I almost died on FP today!!!! Is it worth another QOM?

  6. Tony Rall

    We don't want you dying. So I would say that you sufficiently restrained yourself during the climb.

  7. Ray Connelly

    General Fremont was calling, and we had to give him an answer. I think he was pleased, crowning you with the QOM.

  8. lisa b

    wahoo! how many minutes did you knock off from your last fremont outing? nice climbing out there :)