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Ride Watching movies instead of Zwift scenery / Carter - TrainerRoad

Bruno Bollaert Feb 8, 2017

  • 45:00
    Moving Time
  • 16.0km
  • 21.3km/h
    Avg Speed
  • 110W Powermeter
  • 104bpm
    Avg. HR
  • 94rpm
    Avg. Cadence
  • Jeff Laffillé


So I'm back to TrainerRoad, spending time watching movies and series instead of myself climbing the same roads over and over again. Stil undecided between the two. Might keep Zwift year round for those rainy days or when I don't have enough time to go outside. On the other hand TrainerRoad might be ideal for winter training, so I'll probably end my subscription when the weather goes over 15 C. Which hopefully will be soon :-)