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Chris Ryan

Vancouver, BC, Canada
  • 22
    Activities in 2019
  • 705.4
    kilometers Ridden in 2019
  • 135


Ride February 13, 2017
  • 27.3km
  • 308m
  • 1:17:29
    Moving Time
  • 727
  • 30
    Relative Effort
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  1. Paul M.
    Paul M.

    Nice, now you have a nice new pretty purple line graph to analyze on strava. Hoped you liked using the power meter, takes a little getting used to.

  2. Paul M.
    Paul M.

    Also, I can never fathom the way people work - "Look what a lovely day it is! Let's go enjoy by sitting inside a tin box and looking at it through some more windows, cos we didn't get enough of looking out of windows at home". God forbid they actually have to breathe real air someday. That's my rant for the day!

  3. Chris Ryan
    Chris Ryan

    I think it'll be great, and I've become used to riding to power over the winter on my KICKR. I set it to 3-second average and, at least when I could—given the traffic and casual bike riders all over the place—it was good to see how hard I was going.

  4. Chris Ryan
    Chris Ryan

    Re: the cars. I totally agree. Why is that enjoyable? And with all those cars idling, you get a sense of how much crap they're spurting into the atmosphere. A couple of years ago I tweeted at Gregor Robertson that the city should close off the park to cars on Sundays, like they do in Golden Gate Park in San Francisco. On the other hand, the myriad bikes were almost worse—people were swerving all over the place. I've never seen so many casual riders going up the Prospect Point hill.


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