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Tararua North-South Traverse, Tarn Ridge S-K FKT 17:23:45

  • 92.6km
  • 5,385m
  • 9:51:43
    Moving Time
  • 11:16/km
    Avg Pace
  • 9,125


  1. Sam Bridgman

    Great work buddy

  2. Evan Short 🇳🇿

    That's epic!

  3. laurence pidcock

    Looks easy on a 2" map...Great stuff Tim

  4. Karl Yager

    Great stuff Tim! Looking forward to seeing any photos.

  5. Simon Maister

    Another super human effort!

  6. James G.

    Nice work! That's incredible!

  7. Andy Good

    That shit cray

  8. Viktor Šafář

    92k?! Watch went a bit crazy there! Excellent stuff anyway!!

  9. Tim Sutton

    Awww fellas!! Thanks heaps, what a day, that one ticked all the boxes. I'd go as far as to say my favourite oof the three routes... Sometimes everything comes together huh, and this was one of those sometimes. Chur

  10. Tim Sutton

    @Viktor, Haha yeah had my watch on Ultra Track, Garmin gave me a few bonus kms. I'd put it somewhere between 75 and 80km I recon ;)

  11. Michaël Lejeune 🐗

    Awesome !!!