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Body still not happy so didn't bother with session and cut the run short.......possibly last weeks Thursday-Sunday catching up with me

  • 6.0mi
  • 36:39
    Moving Time
  • 6:05/mi
    Avg Pace
  • 842


  1. Tim G.
    Tim Grose

    Must have popped out between emails !

  2. Steve W.
    Steve Way

    yeah.....plan was to do a big session but the body is not happy at the mo so I'm not going to dig myself into a hole!

  3. Iain T.
    Iain Trickett

    I still don't think I'm recovered from lytchett so I have no idea how you must of felt after xc as well!! Do you find the garmin Vo2 is a little optimistic? I'm up to 70 now and I don't think I'm ever going to hit the times it's dishing out!

  4. Steven T.
    steven townley

    I'm impressed you can hold back from doing a session I'm a bit silly like that.hope you don't mind me asking I guess you probably will know is there a 50k road champs this year or at least a road race or track ultra.gloucester would have been perfect 😔

  5. Steve W.
    Steve Way

    Iain Trickett - the only one I can ever get close to is the marathon time ;-) if it's way out then check your max HR is set to a realistic level - i.e a HR you could actually hit in training tomorrow if asked to.
    Steve - it's not a case of holding back, more the body just wasn't capable ;-) They are running a 50k alongside this years 100km champs, it's not official the champs but it's as good as ...... http://cannonballevents.co.uk/the-meridian-ultra-road-race-50100km/

  6. Iain T.
    Iain Trickett

    Thanks Steve 👍 might drop it a few points then, it's not like my legs ever let me get to max HR these days anyway!

  7. Steve W.
    Steve Way

    My max HR is actually set too high at the moment but I'm going to leave it there as I like to see the optimistic numbers ;-)

  8. Iain T.
    Iain Trickett

    Mine was 1 lower and now I've increased it to my actual which was the complete opposite of what you said i should do 😂 but like you I like the optimistic numbers, 68min HM sounds about right to me 😎