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Furnace Creek 508(or now the Trona 356) stage 2 - Great Basin Bicycles

Ride October 5, 2013
  • 70.1mi
  • 4,364ft
  • 3:24:44
    Moving Time
  • 3,649
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  1. Jonathan Lee
    Jonathan Lee

    Stage race or just a hankering for some desert solitude?

  2. Rich Staley (Great Basin Bicycles)
    Rich Staley (Great Basin Bicycles)

    Jami Horner and I were doing the Furnace Creek 508 as a two person mixed team. Because of the Federal Govt shut down, Death Valley and Mojave were both shut down to the race. So, we did a 356 mile out to Trona and back. She took leg one and 3, and I did 2 and 4. This race quickly changed into a 190 mile sprint in the wind.

  3. Jonathan Lee
    Jonathan Lee

    Wow, that's rough. Well done!

  4. Jenifer Root
    Jenifer Root

    The only downside of riding with Rich? His partner doesn't get much rest time! :) you are crazy fast!

  5. Jami Horner (Great Basin Bicycles)
    Jami Horner (Great Basin Bicycles)

    Jeni - you have no idea how many bad names Speedy Staley was called while I was in the car "resting".

  6. Rich Staley (Great Basin Bicycles)
    Rich Staley (Great Basin Bicycles)

    Ummmmm.... Oops! ;-)


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