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Baldy--Uphill Hour Record Intel Mission

  • 22.6mi
  • 5,955ft
  • 1:44:59
    Moving Time
  • 2,091


  1. Toby H.

    Uphill what now? Looking forward to this! :-D

  2. Anthony J.

    I think you have been sandbagging for some time now.. About time you come out of your shell!!

  3. Lanier Benkard

    I think that just barely beats out Mt Washington auto road in vertical, though Mt Washington's been done in less than 40mins (by a doper)

  4. kirk ek-ak

    those mavics r the hill killer, want one 😭😭😭😭

  5. Daniel Connelly

    So the VAM is around 1450? The climb isn't steep enough: 3-4% grades are VAM-killers. Lanier: it's climbing in AN HOUR, not in 40 minutes.

  6. Cameron Bond

    Dang. With these stats, i think you could be world tour

  7. Richard Forzani

    Come out East and do Mt. Washington, my friend and fellow rider won it the last two years - at 41 yrs old. That's a tough climb.

  8. Walter P.

    Wow! Nice climb. Looks very steep.

  9. Neil N.

    Dude, amazing!

  10. Susan R.

    You are totally awesome!

  11. Phil Gaimon

    Agreed Daniel. Can you email me the climb you're talking about? Philgaimon@gmail

  12. Roger Montes ᕙ(⇀‸↼‶)ᕗ

    Richard Forzani - Phil Gaimon has won that even twice (08 & 09) back when he was just getting started with his professional career.

  13. Phil Gaimon

    Ha yeah roger if it's not on strava it didn't happen :)

  14. Chris Glossner Team CAF

    Good God!! Feeling a bit "genki" today Phil Gaimon ? That looks pretty awesome👍🚴

  15. Gabe Eguia

    Really impressive stuff. Man i hate that downhill after that climb.

  16. Rick Lam

    Your truly on a mission!!! Wow

  17. John B.

    That photo almost makes me miss living in LA!

  18. Bill Lloyd

    Good God, man. Lots of 1700-1800 VAM in there.

  19. Luke Caldwell

    Is this trying to see what the most elevation one could get in an hour?

  20. B. Matt H⚙️we

    This is awesome!

  21. Nathan Spence

    @Luke http://www.velonews.com/2016/12/news/joe-dombrowskis-uphill-hour-record_426289

  22. Sylvester Jakubowski

    400W beast mode engaged.

  23. Tai |.

    Phil Gaimon When are you taking the Chantry KOM?!

  24. Justin Evans

    Recon mission at 400W for an hour. Why are you retired again?

  25. Andrew C.

    Unbelievable Phil Gaimon. Would have been interesting to have measured your VO2 max right before retirement and now because with those kind of VAM numbers my guess is you haven't lost significant numbers? If I am wrong about it there is no hope for mere mortals...or maybe you had a power breakfast?!

  26. 10spd Coffee /Rob Bogin/ Pedalers Fork Calabasas

    Awesome Phil!!! Great effort and I'm sure in not exactly ideal conditions probably pretty darn cold!!

  27. George Orfanogiannis

    Jesus Phil Gaimon and your "retired" good god !

  28. "Big B.

    Damn it Phil! Down to 3rd place on Mt. Baldy Road now!

  29. Bruce Lee

    Go Phil, go!!!

  30. P. Kelly

    Sweet Phil ain't playing😄😄

  31. Ih K.

    6.0 Watts/ kilos for an hour? This is amazing. i quit cycling

  32. Tim Saxon

    It's much nicer going up Glendora Mountain and Ridge Road...

  33. Nick S.

    It's crazy to think that this was just a recon ride for the real thing.

  34. Dave P.


  35. Steve R.

    That is just too cool. I last did that ride back in 1975 - from the Claremont Colleges. Lightweight 1" clinchers were a new thing, and we blew out all our tires on the way down due to heat. These days I would fly down on disc brakes. It's a different universe, but the song is still the same.

  36. Eric Wittine

    Over 1,100 riders up Baldy...and you're 11% faster than 2nd place. Insane.

  37. Chris R.

    #CookieMode is the new thing now! wowzers

  38. Dave S.

    I salute you, brother.

  39. Craig Windrim

    400 watts avg. for an hour?! #unretire

  40. Michael 👻.


  41. Rob Green

    Monday is KO F'ing M Day. Wow

  42. Matteo M.


  43. Alex (K)

    Ha, "so I didn't have to ride down" doing the reverse shuttle!

  44. Giancarlo B.


  45. Cameron Smith

    Love it!

  46. Alexei Pavlov

    Come to Eldorado and Hughes park show us what you can do on the flats! LOLOL