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10/06/2013 Danville, CA: Mountain Challenge -- sub-50 / 16th place

  • 10.9mi
  • 3,279ft
  • 49:45
    Moving Time
  • 1,129


  1. Carl N.
    Carl Nielson

    Side note... reached 800,000 climbing feet for 2013. Million or bust! A couple of odd segments on this ride (low number of participants).

  2. Alexander K.
    Alexander Komlik

    Great result!

  3. Matt M.
    Matt McHugh

    Spectacular!! Congrats Carl! Your cheeks must hurt from smiling so much in the hours afterwards. Way to go.

  4. Aaron L.
    Aaron L.

    Sub - 50 is a great time ! On that segment and a PR. congrats!!!

  5. J  W.
    J W.

    Nice job!!!

  6. Tanya G.
    Tanya G.

    Flying!! Just amazing, Carl.

  7. James M.
    James M.


  8. Kevin S.
    Kevin Susco

    Sub 60 is men and boys. What is sub 50? Men and super men?

  9. Bill L.
    Bill Laddish

    Sweet ride Carl

  10. Scott C.
    Scott Copper

    That's one Super Studley Badass Ranger !!! (SS/BR)

  11. Doug A.
    Doug Abbott


  12. Rob L.
    Rob L.

    U da man!! Nice job and then work for the evening. I'm ready to pass out

  13. Gio F.
    Gio Fiorenza

    DUDE!!!! Nice!!

  14. Paul M.
    Paul M.

    Carl, wow, sub 50... just amazing, congrats!

  15. George S.

    Whoa Dude, Studly!! Did you ever practice that climb ever before?

  16. Roger H.
    Roger H.


  17. Rick M.
    Rick Martyn

    Congratulations on going sub-50 Carl, very impressive! I guess you'll have to shoot for sub-49 in 2014.

  18. Carl N.
    Carl Nielson

    Thanks for all the comments and kudos! Very cool! Up next: the LKHC series and, on New Year's Day 2014, San Bruno!