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Tiny bit of Hard Coe're Metric after Garmin died, dark - no light

  • 2.3mi
  • 0ft
  • 33:58
    Moving Time
  • 62


  1. Shred C.
    Shred C.

    Most difficult ride of my life, and thru reading the forums, I think I hit a Garmin bug where a file gets corrupted when the battery dies, and you can no longer even boot the device. My Mac won't recognize the device, so I can't even recover the file. So the hike out in the dark is all I have. :( I think I can recover it - gonna try something tomorrow.

  2. W T.
    W T.

    Don't need a gps file to prove you're hard coer! Great job! (Hope you do recover your data, though)

  3. Shred C.
    Shred C.

    Ah well. No way to recover the file, it's completely gone. It's so funny how attached one can become to a gps track :) It's like, the ride never happened or something. I'm actually looking forward to doing it again. Despite being tough, it was a beautiful ride. Great way to really escape for a day, that's for sure.

  4. Skyline 3.
    Skyline 35

    Ah but the funny part, at the end, when after successfully navigating 100km of Henry Coe State Park, you couldn't find your way into the bleeping parking lot....that got captured! :-)

  5. Shred C.
    Shred C.

    Haha, yes, that red splotch at the end tells the story :)