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10/06/2013 Diablo Challenge 2013

  • 11.0mi
  • 3,307ft
  • 1:05:33
    Moving Time
  • 763
  • 126
    Relative Effort


  1. Karin Picard

    Excellent TP! I hope you are as proud of yourself as I am of you!

  2. Sara Stearns

    Wow! Look at you, Trish! Fantastic ride!

  3. Rob L.

    Great ride!!

  4. Armin P.

    Trish, just a week ago :( ... and today 1:05 this is a wow

  5. Gail Blanco

    Amazing ride Trish so many trophies!!! Well done!

  6. Susan B.

    Great job today

  7. Jeff B.

    Say no more!...You tamed the mountain and got more trophies than most of us will ever see...

  8. Pati Z

    Unbelievable, Trish! Really, 39 achievements with all the trophies? What an amazing feat! And getting 8th place! Spectacular! I'm so incredibly amazed at your dedication and your results. YOU FLIPPIN' KILLED IT, ZIPPIE!

  9. Amy Bruski

    Whoa - who turned up the heat? Trish Did!

  10. Gregory Spanier

    Sahweet !!!

  11. Jon B.

    quite a day for you, what a result considering all the distractions and health issues, most inspirational.

  12. monica m

    Great ride Trish!! Congratulations!!! You be a rock star in my eyes (-;

  13. Kevin Davidson

    lots of gold cups there

  14. Sean C.

    Haven't seen any results but I believe you beat last years time. Nice job!