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Cleared for Takeoff.

  • 48.8mi
  • 2,867ft
  • 2:38:18
    Moving Time
  • 2,496
  • 108
    Suffer Score


  1. Alejandro V.
    Alejandro Villarreal

    Excellent having you out! Bummer about your wheels but after the repair, the rubbing stopped!

  2. Adriano C.
    Adriano Castro

    I have to agree with Jandro: great having you out and pushing everyone hard out there.

  3. Mike B.
    Mike Betts

    You hammer it man. Great seeing you out. Hope you get that wheel fixed in no time. Let's ride sometime this week, I'm flexible :)

  4. James W.
    James W.

    Same to you Adriano. Always a challenge keeping up with Castro. Great fun as usual!

  5. Bingo ..
    Bingo ..

    Probably Should've taken you up on that ride offer! Great riding with you last night. Looking forward to lots more

  6. Rayco, A Shopping Cart A.
    Rayco, A Shopping Cart and 2.22 ozs of All the Feelings

    I think it's time I stop being a one-man wolfpack on Monday nights.