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Wolfpack Hustle: Sponsored by SFCC - Lots of first-timers and it's great to be back; really missed this!

  • 47.7mi
  • 2,562ft
  • 2:33:14
    Moving Time
  • 1,874


  1. Adriano C.

    Good legs today.

  2. Alejandro Villarreal

    Indeed. Didn't think they were going to be even half as decent as they were tonight.

  3. Mike Betts

    Impressive for sure, crushed it tonight.

  4. Bingo ..

    Real fun Jandro. Thanks for leading this. Awesome riding. I'm tired.

  5. Alejandro Villarreal

    @Bingo - you know it was a good ride when your lungs still hurt the next day. Zach did some epic routing.

  6. Bret L.

    I got bumped to 5th in one ride...you all were crushing GGP last night. You make my solo (wind aided) effort look slow.

  7. Alejandro Villarreal

    Your time definitely wasn't slow, Bret! That was a race-effort chase on monday.