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I'm gonna be a runner this off season - lots to learn

  • 2.0mi
  • 20:11
    Moving Time
  • 9:40/mi
    Avg Pace
  • 225


  1. Jeffery Chapman

    Sweet!! Come back to Maui in February, we can do some racing together

  2. Heather Irmiger

    Well, at least maybe you can teach me some form ;) We will be back in February!

  3. Jeffery Chapman

    Will Do. looking forward to seeing you guys again.

  4. Megan R.

    I run Tues and Thurs in Boulder lemme know if you want some company!

  5. Heather Irmiger

    Megan - I'd actually be game. I'm staying pretty short (2-3miles) and, as you can see, barely braking a 10min mile pace, so, maybe we can run for your warm-up? Ha!

  6. G Funk O.

    Three seemingly contradictory words: Barefoot running shoes.

  7. Heather Irmiger

    Just read Born to Run...I'm totally drinking the Koolaid ;)

  8. G Funk O.

    Ha! I'm a piss poor runner but in barefoot runners... I'm noticeably less piss poor.

  9. Megan R.

    Let's run! Lemme know what works. I don't run with barefooters or skort wearers....