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I'm gonna be a runner this off season - lots to learn

  • 2.0mi
  • 20:11
    Moving Time
  • 9:40/mi
    Avg Pace
  • 225


  1. Jeffery C.
    Jeffery Chapman

    Sweet!! Come back to Maui in February, we can do some racing together

  2. Heather I.
    Heather Irmiger

    Well, at least maybe you can teach me some form ;) We will be back in February!

  3. Jeffery C.
    Jeffery Chapman

    Will Do. looking forward to seeing you guys again.

  4. Megan R.
    Megan R.

    I run Tues and Thurs in Boulder lemme know if you want some company!

  5. Heather I.
    Heather Irmiger

    Megan - I'd actually be game. I'm staying pretty short (2-3miles) and, as you can see, barely braking a 10min mile pace, so, maybe we can run for your warm-up? Ha!

  6. G Funk O.
    G Funk O.

    Three seemingly contradictory words: Barefoot running shoes.

  7. Heather I.
    Heather Irmiger

    Just read Born to Run...I'm totally drinking the Koolaid ;)

  8. G Funk O.
    G Funk O.

    Ha! I'm a piss poor runner but in barefoot runners... I'm noticeably less piss poor.

  9. Megan R.
    Megan R.

    Let's run! Lemme know what works. I don't run with barefooters or skort wearers....