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Tokyo marathon aka best way to do a training run, right?

  • 26.6mi
  • 1,465ft
  • 3:21:42
    Moving Time
  • 7:35/mi
    Avg Pace
  • 2,926


  1. Philip P.
    Philip P.

    Well done Kate! Watched the start in Shinjuku then watched the finish on telly back home. Did you enjoy it?

  2. Kate Carter

    Loved it! Beautiful weather for a run 😜

  3. Kate Carter

    (I spent the last 15k shouting at random people "WHAT TIME DID KIPSANG DO"

  4. Philip P.
    Philip P.

    Yeah, perfect day for it. Might be tempted next year!

  5. Philip P.
    Philip P.

    Haha, they were going wild on TV - first ever sub 2:04 performed in Japan

  6. Kaniraj Shenbaga

    Congratulations! Omedetou gozaimasu!

  7. Kaniraj Shenbaga

    Congratulations! Omedetou gozaimasu!

  8. Paul Roome

    Super performance Kate, and great pacing...your pal must be over the moon!

  9. Kate Carter

    Alas Paul no!! We couldn't meet up because the start pens were separate. I ran with friend though. And coach said by email "no faster than 3'22/3'23 so I should get an A for my homework ...

  10. Paul Roome

    Oh no! Dare I ask...did they manage 3.30...? You're right tho, Coach will be very pleased with that :)

  11. Tom Squires


  12. Stewart M.
    Stewart M.

    It's quite a local one so makes sense

  13. Kate Carter

    Ha exactly Stew. Standard. Basically it was that or Wimbledon Common.. same same

  14. Cat D.
    Cat D.

    Well done Kate! Bloody amazing.

  15. Laszlo Lajos Toth

    Well done Kate! Very good run and I am sure it was great experience to spend a few days in Japan!

  16. Tara G.
    Tara G.

    Fab run Kate and looks like you had an amazing time! How did Bob and Sophie get on? Nice one for keeping within The Boss' limits!

  17. Pete Barton

    Well done Kate! Great run! The medal looks good, but the ribbon is sublime. I could almost be tempted to run a marathon if

  18. Pete Barton

    ....I received something like that!

  19. Kate Carter

    You should see the towel we got Pete! Will add a picture later :) Tara, Sophie had a blast and did similar + 25 minutes on race pace so c. 3'50. Bob didn't have such a good run alas, think he did 3'42 - start was really congested and it was impossible to catch up

  20. Tara G.
    Tara G.

    Must be nice to be able to cruise a big race like that, under instruction. Takes any stress out and leaves all the enjoyment! Brilliant all round.

  21. Pavel S.
    Pavel S.

    Well done Kate!

  22. Kenton Coooooool

    Well done Kate. That medal looks lovely and well-earned too

  23. Lucy M.
    Lucy M.

    Fantastic run Kate. Gorgeous medal and a towel??? More races should give out commemorative towels.

  24. Kate Carter

    They should. To paraphrase Douglas Adams, A towel is about the most massively useful thing a runner can have 😜

  25. Tina Chantrey

    Well done Kate 😊