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Tokyo Marathon 2017 - mission accomplished

  • 26.4mi
  • 1,387ft
  • 3:20:24
    Moving Time
  • 7:35/mi
    Avg Pace
  • 3,765


  1. Lisa D.

    What a brilliant run, am so proud of you

  2. Todd Parrish

    Congrats! Great run.

  3. Jo H.

    Well done Simon. Impressive running. Hope you enjoyed it.

  4. Claire Hurrell

    Awesome well done Simon!

  5. James Nicholas

    Way, way under 3.30... fantastic run Simon!

  6. dave denby whitt

    Fantastic . Well done . Groat pacing.

  7. Tim Milstead

    Well done Simon. A great effort and well deserved.

  8. Emma K.

    Amazing!! Well done Simon

  9. James Cook

    Very impressive well done !

  10. Kate D.

    Well done Simon! Great run!

  11. Chris Brown

    Well done!

  12. Phil W.

    Great time Simon!

  13. Simon Denson

    Thanks everyone - power nap over. Now it's time to EAT!

  14. Maria K.


  15. Linda Wallace

    Wow !!! What a pace !!! Amazing well done 👏👏👏👏👏

  16. Steve Cooper

    Brilliant time, well done

  17. Karen M.

    Awesome! X

  18. Sam W.

    Wow. Totally amazing. Well deserved

  19. Sarah H.

    Wow great time well done!!

  20. Ben S.

    Brilliant. Well done ☺

  21. Dave Tilsley

    Great run, well done Simon

  22. Robin Upton

    Awesome run!

  23. Marcus Albano

    Brilliant run Simon... well done

  24. Claire A.

    Enjoyed reading your blog post. Well done!

  25. Simon Denson

    Belated thanks all :) Back to running tomorrow!