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Last bit of scoping - @100B7

  • 82.1km
  • 1,079m
  • 3:04:29
    Moving Time
  • 7,807


  1. Pierre G.
    Pierre G.

    I think there's something wrong with your power meter... :-)

  2. randy prunty

    maybe his power meter is accurate. maybe he averaged 633 watts for 51 miles but only averaged 16.6 mph because he was squeezing hard on the brakes the entire time.

  3. Pierre G.
    Pierre G.

    It's the "Best Efforts Power Curve" which starts at 2500w which clued me in... That must have been a hell of a sprint!

  4. Humberto (.
    Humberto (.

    I've seen that on some other people's power numbers. I cant believe that this is accurate.

  5. Tim Johnson

    Guys, I sprint wherever I go. All the time.

  6. Justin Stanley

    ^haha so pro

  7. Strava A.
    Strava A.

    Bienvenue au Québec!

  8. Tim Johnson

    Love it up here, an amazing place to ride a bike. No doubt.

  9. Guillaume P.
    Guillaume P.

    I was coaching at the CNCB yesterday, should've seen the kids faces when they realized you were there! They were shy though..