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Opener. Dress rehearsal.

  • 6.0mi
  • 574ft
  • 22:05
    Moving Time
  • 250


  1. Stephen A.

    Go Phil!

  2. Wes Toups

    what time are you doing palomar tomorrow?

  3. Chris Glossner Team CAF

    Haha... just a practice run Phil Gaimon ? Awesome👍🚴

  4. Alex M.

    Phil Gaimon how do we suggest which hills you tackle???

  5. Walter P.


  6. Robb C.


  7. Yip Yip

    Allez allez!

  8. Leslie Kaplan

    With Orchestra, apparently.

  9. Casey Cohenmeyer

    Ha! Kinda figured that was coming.

  10. David G.

    Damn!!!! Nicely done! I guess I have some work to do to try and get the 1/4 KOM back. You deserve it!

  11. Matteo M.

    4:21? Gawd Son!! 😮

  12. Robert G.

    One of your favourite places, we been there to, yeah, time to look out and chill. GB loves Phil G. Just been to Omloop & KBK.

  13. Phil Gaimon

    Well be there like 11ish! Anywhere, Alex!

  14. Patrick L.

    Whoa! Go get the Torrey inside KOM too!

  15. Alex M.

    Phil Gaimon check out the dirty dozen in Pittsburgh and maybe tackle one of those. They may not exactly be what you are looking for though.

  16. John Rossi

    Keeping the streets clean!

  17. Braden Matt

    If you're ever in south bay, definitely go for Old La Honda and Kings Mountain Rd. Both are in Woodside. Great climbs!

  18. Chase King

    how long until your hawk hill smash?

  19. Justin S.

    Cole Grade RD is a good climb. Hoping you take down Chris Horner on Palomar's south grade. The semi paved Nate Harrison road up to palomar is a lot of fun and challenging too.

  20. Scotty Cycles (Scottdgilbert.Realtor) G.

    Good luck on Palomar. Next should be Kitchen Creek and Honey Springs.

  21. Efraim Beltran

    Wow was next to you at the light before going up TP didn't want to get into your filming but OMG you disappeared up that climb!!!

  22. ■ Dos Llantas ■ Vanessa Bowman

    Good god, man. If you keep this up someone is going accuse you of storing jet fuel in your BB.

  23. Dave Cynkin


  24. Chaps ☼ Monster Media Racing

    @phil, attack the short and brutal Texas st

  25. Cesar Mora

    Do honey springs on Sunday for recovery spin

  26. Scott R.

    Wow! Nice effort man. It was nice riding with you before the ToC last year. You flatted and your team left you. What's up with that!?

  27. Jason Nemecek

    laughing so hard at the video for the Torrey Pines climb KOM. Awesome Phil.

  28. Anthony C.

    nice work dude. unreal power! cookie power!