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Santiago + Silverado + Live Oak = I die 10/12/2013 Irvine, CA

  • 62.2mi
  • 3,990ft
  • 3:27:16
    Moving Time
  • 2,514


  1. Scott R.
    Scott R.

    nice canyons/foothills ride! betting it was a perfect day up there.

  2. Scott R.
    Scott R.

    was the gate open at the maple springs trailhead at the end of silverado canyon? how far up it can you ride on a road bike? i got about a quarter-mile but turned around.

  3. Jared X.
    Jared X.

    Yeah it's open. It goes for another 3 or 4 miles of climbing until you reach the end of pavement. If you have knobbies, you can go as far as Saddleback peak or even to Corona. It is a very sketchy descent though, especially with the relatively crappy road conditions, mtbers, water crossings, dirt bikers, and 4x4ers all on the same road.

    Are you doing palomar next week?

  4. Scott R.
    Scott R.

    That was my impression of the road beyond the gate so thanks for confirming it.
    Yah...doing the Bike Forums Palomar ride on the 20th. Haven't done Palomar since April. What's a little suffering between friends? Done it before?