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Stephen Cousins filmmyrun.com

Worthing , West Sussex , United Kingdom
  • 228
    Activities in 2018
  • 2,737.9
    kilometers Run in 2018
  • 752

Steyning Stinger Marathon

Run March 5, 2017
  • 41.7km
  • 1,006m
  • 3:57:20
    Moving Time
  • 5:42/km
    Avg Pace
  • 3,802
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  1. Jon C.
    Jon C.

    Great running Steve, some serious mikes going in this yr πŸ‘

  2. Paul Downes
    Paul Downes

    Machine. Well done Steve, smashing the miles

  3. Thomas Bunce
    Thomas Bunce

    They are awesome photos! Who took them?

  4. Stephen Cousins filmmyrun.com
    Stephen Cousins filmmyrun.com

    Tanya did. Were you in a daze?!

  5. Thomas Bunce
    Thomas Bunce

    Yeah, kinda zoned out after 15 πŸ˜‚ Could you send the picture of us three? Might put it on Facebook :)

  6. Gergely Racz
    Gergely Racz

    Impossible conditions. I have done it too and couldn't even walk properly. Well done for that pace on those trails.

  7. Thomas Bunce
    Thomas Bunce

    Just realised, we have amazingly different elevation readings for this I mean 600ft difference on both Garmin devices can't be right πŸ€”

  8. Stephen Cousins filmmyrun.com
    Stephen Cousins filmmyrun.com

    It's probably within a normal margin of error for GPS watches. Have a look at some of the other runners. Neil Kirkby measured 1200m and another guy has 960m. You can't rely on these things to be super accurate I don't think.

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