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10/14/2013 Pendleton, SC sassafras kom attempt plus blue ridge parkway ceasars head epic

  • 184.2mi
  • 19,688ft
  • 11:15:40
    Moving Time
  • 8,499
  • 398
    Suffer Score


  1. Luke Caldwell

    Sick ride Brian!!

  2. Brian D.
    Brian D.


  3. Chris Edmonds

    nice ride!

  4. Hunter S.
    Hunter S.

    Oh my god

  5. Jon K.
    Jon K.

    You know its a big ride when the map just shows 4 states and the majority of the region....

  6. Monte Shalett

    oh, hell yeah...

  7. Jesse Gaudet

    That yellow sign is the stuff dreams are made of.

  8. Brian Toone

    Thanks y'all - it was a really great ride - the outbound route was on a bunch of roads I used to ride when I was a student at Clemson, but most of the inbound route was new with the exception of the Ceasar's Head descent and the Glassy Mountain climb. The backroads I took to connect those two segments and then the stretch from Glassy Mountain to Liberty were all roads I've never ridden before. I think in all it was about 75 miles worth of new roads! My favorite stretch of road was the falls creek climb up to rich mountain gravel across the top and about halfway down the descent to 276 to hit the backside of ceasar's head. I've ridden in lots of places, but for sheer variety and raw magnitude of the number of roads the mountains and foothills of upstate sc have to be my favorite. I would like to come back another time of year though b/c the parkway was foggy with a light to sometimes heavy rain mist making all the roads slick. The 276 descent from the parkway was very wet, but it looked like it would be really fun if it was dry. I'm thinking the only time those roads really dry out, though, is the middle of summer or the dead of winter (if you're lucky with no snow/ice)

  9. Bryant Funston - www.cyclingarsenal.com

    Epic Toone. Good stuff.

  10. Christian L.
    Christian L.

    Doh, too bad you couldn't break a 400 suffer score! So close! Gonna have to go harder and longer next time!

  11. Michael Lahm

    Your 2013 heat map must be looking pretty impressive.

  12. ☠ Michael  F.
    ☠ Michael F.

    Wow. Epic! The fall pics are awesome. Thanks for sharing.

  13. Bert Hull

    Wow! that isan inspired performance. way to go Brian!

  14. Brian Toone

    Thanks Bert, I still think the ride you and I did out to sassafras and back in the middle of summer that one year was tougher! Too bad they didn't have Strava back then to keep track of all those rides.

  15. Brian Toone

    Just found my old access database training log, but I think our crazy ride was summer 1998 and my log only went up to May! Here's some of the other times I climbed Sassafras - http://toonecycling.files.wordpress.com/2013/10/oldstats1.gif

  16. Slow Uphill

    Hi Brian, I think we passed each other on Sassafras on Monday and spoke briefly on Pickens Hiway. Great ride you completed!

  17. Brian Toone

    Thanks Chris - cool running into somebody else out in the mountains on a wet Monday!