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Steven Ellison

Woodcroft, South Australia, Australia
  • 143
  • 6,104.3
    kilometers Ridden
  • 429

Richard Stevens Glenelg to Victor Harbor and back - Nettle hill really sucks big time!

Ride October 19, 2013
  • 200.2km
  • 2,026m
  • 8:41:10
    Moving Time
  • 4,409
  • 395
    Relative Effort
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  1. R D.

    oh nettle hill ! try it on standard cranks :)

  2. David Ellison

    Massive ride for most, just a walk in the park for you ;) Well done, by all reports it was a bit windy out there. Epic suffer score.

  3. Paul M.

    Nice one Steve

  4. Steven Ellison

    Yah, the crawl back home was hard work, the wind saw to that! It was all about helping others. Ben did a great job even breaking 2 spokes!

  5. Rob Pryde

    awesome steve.

  6. Richard S.

    excellent work Steve...thanks again for looking after the 25kph group. :)

  7. R D.

    395 epic suffer score - new PB ?

  8. Adam W.

    Bloody great stuff Steven. Well done today.

  9. Laurens Bloem

    Well done, that Nettle Hill must have hurt (friends of ours wrecked their clutch on that). But the headwind must have been worse.

  10. Steven Ellison

    No, I don't think so, I think I have done over 400 before but would have to check ;-) BTW Ben, who has only been riding 11 weeks did it on standard cranks today as did Geo Fenn ! I could not have done that, I know that! I barely made it without stopping on compact and 11-28, they were on 11-25 and standard!

  11. Steven Ellison

    Thanks Adam. It was a world of pain on Nettle Hill but I felt pretty good for the rest of it. The quads are a little tight! I have a knott at the top of my stomach keeping me awake for the moment so am thinking a little dehydrated.

  12. Steven Ellison

    Rob, 449 is my highest Suffer score and that was also from a ride to Victor Harbor on the 16/11/2012 via Elizabeth http://www.strava.com/activities/27917976 That was a headwind all the way from Outer Harbour to Victor Harbor ;-)

  13. Vujos O.

    What's a little hwind!:) good stuff Steve

  14. Ben S.

    i rode nettle hill on standard cranks........it sucked

  15. . D.

    Double ton well done

  16. Steven Ellison

    Thanks Doey, I see you did Nettle hill last year at almost twice my speed I think! Hope you are recovering well!

  17. The R.

    Great effort Steve big stuff

  18. David B.

    HUGE! well done

  19. Jolie B.


  20. Larry Peterson - Team Endurance360

    Here I am preparing the yard for winter snow and you are looking forward to long summer rides. Nicely done, I loved my visit to Victor Harbor a few years ago! Wat a cool place.

  21. Steven Ellison

    Thanks everyone. Larry, I have been watching you on your long summer rides so now its my turn :-)