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Corallian Red - Under Andover

  • 108.2km
  • 1,156m
  • 4:49:33
    Moving Time
  • 2,359
  • 197
    Suffer Score


  1. Louis H.
    Louis Hall

    Great ride Chris - felt like Spring!

  2. William L.
    William L.

    I came down for 9:30 and hung around the pub for a while. It was only when I got back home I noticed that you had put the post code down. DOH!

  3. Chris W.
    Chris W.

    Oh no - you should have let me know you were coming Billy! We rode past the pub, so I'm surprised we didn't see each other :-(

  4. Chris W.
    Chris W.

    I can see on the Strava fly-by that you were no more than 150m ahead of us as we rode towards Welford #nearmiss

  5. William L.
    William L.

    I didn't really plan it that well really, which is typically me! I'll know for next time though. Looks like we only just missed each other. 💩

  6. William L.
    William L.

    Ha ha I've just seen the fly-by, you may have even seen me ahead unwittingly. 😂