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2 x 15-min with 5-min rest || 5:19/mi & 5:17/mi paces (166 & 168 bpm avg)

  • 15.2mi
  • 1:39:01
    Moving Time
  • 6:28/mi
    Avg Pace
  • 2,218


  1. Ben M.
    Ben M.

    Great article on coaching. I'm curios, what were some of your PRs pre/post coaching?

  2. Andrew S.
    Andrew Skurka

    Do not have apples to apples times yet. Will after UTMB and Bighorn, using ITRA scores. Ran 2:44 at CO Marathon last year, probably could have run high 2:30's with more training. Looking at low-2:30's at Boston. But courses are not necessarily comparable. In typical runs and workouts, running 15-20 sec per mile faster now than at my fittest in years past.

  3. Ben M.
    Ben M.

    Thanks and Nice work. Keep focusing on the process and I'm sure the low 2:30 will come.