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Morning Ride

Ride March 16, 2017
  • 88.4km
  • 2,347m
  • 4:18:43
    Moving Time
  • 2,751
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  1. Jeffrey Friedl

    So many awesome new roads for you today! Lots of yellow cups, too. That "Kasatori East Village" is fun, no? :-) Is the "鷲峰山" route completely paved? I've done three other routes up that mountain... didn't know there was a fourth!

  2. Kevin C.

    "paved" might be a bit generous. But, yes - it was all rideable. Broken concrete road for a long stretch. It was in decent shape, though. It has been used by loggers, so there were parallel paths that were relatively clear of stones and debris.

  3. Geoffrey Grant

    I was grinding a 39-28, a big mistake on my part. I need to get a bike with appropriate gears for this type of terrain. It was fun, though. Let's go again someday!

  4. Jeffrey Friedl

    How on earth did you guys find/choose this road? Looks wonderful. Want to have a ride where I do all four ascents and all four descents in one go....

  5. Kevin C.

    Well, looking at ridewithgps and satellite images of the area. It was a bit of a guessing game, though. I thought we might run into gravel or worse up there, but never did.