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10/20/2013 Arlington, VA - Mtb - MoCo Epic(er)

  • 134.5mi
  • 8,593ft
  • 11:08:47
    Moving Time
  • 7,934


  1. Jon D.

    That is a helluva long day on the bike!

  2. Jeff Dickey

    Gotta get ready for Highland Heifer later this week!

  3. ♥ X

    8000 calorie ride - not bad!

  4. Jeff Dickey

    Pretty sure I still ate more than I expended. 40+ handfuls of gummi bears, 11 chocolate chip cookies, plates of pretzels, doughnuts and a bacon-wrapped hotdog!

  5. Justin L.

    You're going to need to throw a few beers and shots in there for some empty calories if you want to keep that girlish figure... Also, 134.6 miles? It's called a damned car, Jeff. Use one. This is America. Have fun in HMB, too. Go hurt your brother for me. The trick is to not get as wasted as he does. Half rations, mate.

  6. Jeff Dickey

    My furlough related binge drinking has toughened up my liver, but good advice. I don't want to end up passing out and waking up on the kitchen floor. Not a good way to make sure I keep up with Jon!