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The Tan - 21/10/2013 Melbourne

  • 4.1km
  • 14:54
    Moving Time
  • 3:37/km
    Avg Pace
  • 276


  1. Dave M.

    Holy moly. Very nice. Somehow missed you out there too.

  2. Mark Stodden

    Thanks - planning to meet you guys at the Pillars tomorrow if it suits - What time do you normally get there?

  3. Dave M.

    12:30 start time. After that today though I presume you will not however be doing a session? There is a telford fartlek on the agenda.

  4. Mark Stodden

    Still good for a session tomorrow - I'll try to be there around 12:20-12:25ish

  5. Dave M.

    I'll meet you there. I won't do the session as I'm avoiding any speed work for 3 weeks minimum. I'll do some hills with another guy.

  6. Dave M.

    A Group - 1 x 4min, 2 x 3min, 3 x 2min, 4 x 1min all with 60 sec jog (easy!!) recovery (30mins total)
    B Group - 2 x 3min, 3 x 2min, 3 x 1min all with 60 sec jog (easy!!) recovery (23mins total)
    If you do the session I'd suggest B group.

  7. Mark Stodden

    Sounds good, see you there