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Borrowdale Bash Billy Big Knee Stylee

  • 19.4mi
  • 3,122ft
  • 3:15:47
    Moving Time
  • 1,547


  1. Lloyd B.
    Lloyd Bateman

    Well cool video,nearly fell of my chair laughing at the crossword surprize !!!

  2. Greased F.
    Greased F.

    Glad you liked it, hard work. A Punky Bird tells me you've been to A+E. I'll have to teach you how to fall off gracefully.

  3. Lloyd B.
    Lloyd Bateman

    Yes it was brilliant !!! I bet you wouldnt have known I had a sore knee if I hadnt mentioned it at the foot of EVERY climb lol ha ha haha!!!!!!

  4. Peter L.
    Peter L.

    I am Fallicus ... phone in and book your lessons ..or it could be I'm a big Jesse and won't do any scary stuff.

  5. Lloyd B.
    Lloyd Bateman

    I believe you ARE fallicus cause Sean told me you can even fall when your stood still !!!!!! lol ( and you can even roll your balls ) !!!

  6. Peter L.
    Peter L.

    It's true .. I am Fallicuss Ballroller..