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New Forest 75km - Joint 3rd Place with Jas!

  • 45.8mi
  • 1,588ft
  • 7:23:06
    Moving Time
  • 9:40/mi
    Avg Pace
  • 6,948


  1. Gabrielle Yates

    Chuffed for you :-) How was it?

  2. Daniel Del Piccolo

    Thanks Gabrielle. Enjoyed the running mostly, but I have mixed emotions about some of the organisation and things that went on during the run. Still a great day out :) oh, thumbs up for the chips by the way!! Tks.

  3. Iain Bareham

    Cracking run, well done

  4. Gabrielle Yates

    Well done and hope those chips were good, certainly deserved.👏

  5. Enwezor Nzegwu

    Awesome Sauce!

  6. Pete Birch

    Excellent running Dan

  7. Gavin Dillow

    Great running Daniel Del Piccolo!!!

  8. Brendan McIlhargey

    Fantastic what a result!

  9. Daniel Del Piccolo

    Thanks everyone! Bit broken now but good!

  10. John Rose

    Well done! I know you enjoy the high milage anyway but it's nice to have reward for your efforts.

  11. Iain Duncan

    Nice one!

  12. Colin R.

    Nice job chaps - got to be pleased with that!

  13. Andrew King

    Amazing - well done!

  14. Steve Ware

    Fantastic mate well done!!