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Tour of Mansfield first up Buller and leapfrog to 1st on GC

  • 46.5km
  • 1,327m
  • 1:46:46
    Moving Time
  • 2,026


  1. James M.
    James M.

    Awesome result. Well done and well deserved.

  2. Jon K.
    Jon K.

    Smashed it mate!

  3. Lewis R.
    Lewis Rattray

    That's more like what I expected to happen mate. Great ride!

  4. Nick H.
    Nick H.

    Thanks guys! 😊😊😊

  5. Will G.
    Will G.

    Awesome effort on the climb Nick. That was a strong performance to breakaway solo up the climb and to win GC like that. Very well earned!!

  6. Nick H.
    Nick H.

    Thanks Will. Stoked to say the least.

  7. Greg N.
    Greg Nichols

    Well done Nick, great climbing today!

  8. Nick H.
    Nick H.

    Thanks Greg!

  9. Daniel F.
    Daniel Frawley

    Great ride mate, congrats.

  10. Nick H.
    Nick H.

    Cheers Daniel!

  11. Matthew G.
    Matthew G.

    Great work, love it

  12. Nick H.
    Nick H.

    Thanks Matt! I do too!

  13. Stephen P.
    Stephen Price

    Awesome, nice work!

  14. Nick H.
    Nick H.

    Cheers Stephen, good fun on the climb.

  15. Ben W.
    Ben W.

    Super effort!

  16. Nick H.
    Nick H.

    :) thanks Ben

  17. Alex E.
    Alex Edney

    Congratulations mate, that's an awesome result!

  18. Nic H.
    Nic H.

    Congrats mate! Which grade?

  19. Nick H.
    Nick H.

    Thanks Alex. Luckily all that climbing paid off. Nic, masters C. With luck will be promoted to masters B. Its seems I'm a better climber than TTer or sprinter.

  20. Will G.
    Will G.

    Nick, you're officially the series tour leader!

  21. Peter W.
    Peter W.


  22. Joe S.
    joe spano

    Fantastic riding Nick - well done

  23. Nick H.
    Nick H.

    Thanks guys. Will Gielewski how do you know?

  24. Will G.
    Will G.

    Nick Harvey, they were doing jersey presentations right at the end and had a jersey for you!

  25. Nick H.
    Nick H.

    Haha I left after all the masters grades had been presented, I didn't realise I would be series leader. Awkward.

  26. Nick H.
    Nick H.

    Assume that means I stay in C Will Gielewski ?

  27. Lachlan S.
    Lachlan S.

    Good ride mate deserved the win with that climb today. I think I heard you mentioned up to B grade. They announced you as series leader but I got that jersey to take home (deleted my ToEG result) seeing you got the other one :p don't get to wear it as I too am in B now.

  28. Andrew K.
    Andrew K.

    Super stuff Nick. When you blasted off my wheel at the steepest part of bend I was just plotting my attack! You got me in the hurt locker, so close to getting back on your wheel. Too strongπŸ’ͺ

  29. Nick H.
    Nick H.

    Thanks Lachlan Stevens i think that makes sense? I was going to call them tomorrow to clarify anyway. Cheers Andrew Kantor good ride!

  30. Capt C.
    Capt C.

    Epic break - epic ascent - well deserved stage and GC Win #EPIC. congrats dude

  31. Nick H.
    Nick H.

    Cheers capt Crankit !

  32. Craig D.
    Craig Doherty

    Awesome...he who dares wins!! Big congrats for doing that in a quality field πŸ‘

  33. Nick H.
    Nick H.

    Cheers Craig!

  34. Matt D.
    Matt D.

    Straight up beast.

  35. Nick H.
    Nick H.

    Thanks Matt!

  36. Mike W.
    Mike W.

    Well done Nick congratulations on the win and the solo breakaway chapeau πŸ–’let me know if I'm up to B as well ..not really sure how thats worked out

  37. Nick H.
    Nick H.

    Cheers Mike Watkins call cycling Vic and check. Apparently I'm not quite enough to move to B yet, need a few more points.

  38. Nick H.
    Nick H.

    Apparently they will put the points up online...?

  39. Mike W.
    Mike W.


  40. Wayne D.
    Wayne D.

    Haven't met you Nick and I only saw the back of you as you rode away but congrats on the win. Way too strong for the likes of me. Enjoy the spoils. And kudos for wanting to be promoted.

  41. Nick H.
    Nick H.

    Thanks Wayne! Figured I am on the cusp of B following a win like that! Cheers!

  42. Jason H.
    Jason H.

    Great work, happy to be in the break with you and clearly you had some legs to keep the pace on the climb- great win!

  43. Julian D.
    Julian Del Beato

    congrats Nick. stunning time up Buller