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The Wettest, Coldest, Windiest TTT Practice

  • 24.7mi
  • 381ft
  • 1:26:47
    Moving Time
  • 801
  • 36
    Suffer Score


  1. Fran W.
    Fran W.

    What TT you practising for?

  2. Matt F.
    Matt F.

    Is that an MTB TTT mate?!

  3. Ian S.
    Ian S.

    Road TTT, my first TT of any description. We're the old crocks team doing the Bicester 4up TTT.

  4. Ian S.
    Ian S.

    In all honesty, the weather, pot holes and general road conditions made it pretty hard to stay together, but then it was our first practice session.

  5. Matt F.
    Matt F.

    Top stuff, good luck!!...I've got my eye on doing some wed night 10 TT's round my way!

  6. Ian S.
    Ian S.

    Enjoy those. I suspect TT could be easily addictive in the quest to pare those extra seconds.

  7. Matt F.
    Matt F.

    Yeah am hoping all this turbo training I've done over winter will help my times!!

  8. Fran W.
    Fran W.

    Ah you're coming to the Weston on the green TT?

  9. Ian S.
    Ian S.

    It's on 27/06 and it's the Bicester Millennium CC, 4up TTT. Is that what you were talking about?

  10. Fran W.
    Fran W.

    Yes they are every week starting on tues but normally solo some other 2'up and 4 up I'm organising them.

  11. Ian S.
    Ian S.

    Oh wow! I didn't know that. Well we're doing the 4up. Old gits team!!