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Scott Copper

Danville, California
  • 124
  • 4,339.3
    miles Ridden
  • 114

"50th Birthday Ride" - 50 Wall repeats, 10,000' vertical in 44 miles. Take that Father Time!!!

Ride March 23, 2017
  • 43.8mi
  • 10,164ft
  • 4:44:08
    Moving Time
  • 2,988
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  1. Joel S.

    Happy Birthday Scott

  2. Linda Kwong

    I heard people talking about some crazy guy doing repeats at the Wall today! That was you?!! Wish I saw you when I was at the lower lot. Happy Birthday stud!!!

  3. Cyndi W.

    OMG! Incredible ride!

  4. Cyndi W.

    Happy birthday!

  5. Greg C.

    Awesome. Way to ring it in... Happy Bday

  6. Chirag A

    damn dude, I can't believe you're fitty!

  7. Jamie H.

    Happy BDay and thanks for the push today!

  8. Cyndi W.

    FIT-ty is right!

  9. Michael T.

    Happy B-Day! What a way to celebrate!

  10. DiabloScott Д

    Summit Cum Laude!

  11. Ron Canada 🍁

    Happy Birthday young Man. Wow. Incredible day of climbing.

  12. Minh N.

    Happy Birthday!!

  13. Diane Canada

    What!!!! Happy Birthday Scott! Bet you won't even feel a day over 50 tomorrow! Congratulations!

  14. Linda Kwong

    The time for your 50th climb up the Wall about matches my PR. I'd order a motor for my bike but you'd still be too fast! 🚴🏽

  15. Deepinder S.

    You will now need to add an additional wall repeat every year going forward.

  16. Karanbir D.

    Happy Birthday Scott!! Way to go on your Climbing power.

  17. Carl Nielson

    Happy Birthday, Scott! x50

  18. kathy koos

    Happy birthday Scott! What away to celebrate turning 25!

  19. Jeff Anderson

    Well done! Can't wait to see the workout when you turn 60

  20. Jeff L.

    sorry about my wheel screech out there; holy eff that is a sick ride!

  21. Himani W.

    Happy Birthday!! Awesome! U seriously gave father T a beating!

  22. Jazmin Perez

    Feliz cumple 🎂!!! Coffee?!

  23. Pat H.

    I still can't believe the coincidence today at the top of Mount Diablo that I met you and told you about the guy who had done these 50 repeats on his 50th birthday to be told ''that was me'' . I saw this when making a route to do M Diablo before coming over from Ireland and I was impressed . I met two legends of M D today in one go , that elderly gentleman is something else . A pleasure meeting you today .