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Stephen Cousins filmmyrun.com

Worthing , West Sussex , United Kingdom
  • 229
    Activities in 2018
  • 2,746.8
    kilometers Run in 2018
  • 752

Jurassic Coast Challenge Day 1

Run March 24, 2017
  • 44.8km
  • 983m
  • 4:58:39
    Moving Time
  • 7:01/km
    Avg Pace
  • 4,044
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  1. Tema H.
    Tema H.

    Great route along the JC.

  2. Louise H.
    Louise H.

    Well done xx amazing zz

  3. Dan Holme
    Dan Holme

    Suffer!!! Nice day for it though :-)

  4. Stephen Cousins filmmyrun.com
    Stephen Cousins filmmyrun.com

    Don't feel like doing another harder one tomorrow though!!

  5. Paul Coe
    Paul Coe

    Top job. Bet that's nice for scenery 👍

  6. Jenny C.
    Jenny C.

    Fantastic !

  7. Jon C.
    Jon C.

    A little 'lumpy' in places Steve 😱

  8. Stephen Cousins filmmyrun.com
    Stephen Cousins filmmyrun.com

    Worse tomorrow Jon!

  9. Jon C.
    Jon C.

    Rest up well Steve, should be a beautiful day to walk the ups! Look fwd to seeing Strava tomorrow 👍

  10. Darren L.
    Darren L.

    You bastard, I desperately wanted to do the JCC. At least you've got the weather on your side, it's been horrendous some years. Friends did it a few years ago and the Coast Guard stopped the race!

  11. Dave Stuart
    Dave Stuart

    I'm looking forward to seeing the film. Shame I can't be there to photobomb the finish this time :)

  12. Ellie R.
    Ellie R.

    Awesome!! Sorry I didn't see you! Maybe today! Xx

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