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Best of All Lookout 26102013

  • 102.9km
  • 2,304m
  • 4:15:11
    Moving Time
  • 3,783


  1. Anthony Diacos

    Nice work mate!

  2. George Ahlatis

    Well done Damo. Nice work.

  3. Fox M.

    Very nice.

  4. Paul M.


  5. Derek C.

    Great elevation!!

  6. Roy Draydge


  7. Brett Hanlon

    My favorite ride in SEQ!

  8. Gary Gibson

    Impressive, as always

  9. Matthew Clarkson @BNECC

    I really have to ride in that part of the world

  10. Pete The Pirate @.

    Amazing part of the world DT, some strong riding there mate

  11. Ash Moor@CSC

    Damo did you take your bottles off before you took that photo?

  12. Paul Egan

    Loafer, only one cup today - try harder :-)

  13. DT dotcom

    Forgot to pack them, was about the limit I can manage with no water

  14. Andrew Keller

    Should have come to Tambo, nice climbing though mate.

  15. DT dotcom

    You guys started too late Keller

  16. Pete The Pirate @.

    DT must have been the morning for solo climbing efforts.

  17. Chris R.

    Did you ride your bikes down the path to the Lookout like I did last time? Looks like better weather than when I was last there.

  18. DT dotcom

    I did but only made it about 50m before I chickened out. Went up the front instead of the goat track this time, much easier.

  19. DT dotcom

    @ MC I'll be down here the w/end of 16th Nov or there's the wk of Christmas

  20. Pasquale Spagnuolo

    Great view, how was the weather?

  21. DT dotcom

    Perfect conditions, av temp 16. Was a bit worried as it rained last night.

  22. Pasquale Spagnuolo

    Great! Thanks.

  23. DT dotcom

    @ Pete just catching up with comments, notice you're on the short list of followers that have done the full HC climb, gets a bit nasty at end. So much better than Nebo/Glorious lol

  24. Brett Hanlon

    Best climb (& views from the lookout) in SEQ in my opinion. Tomewin 'back & forth' is also a great double climb while your down that way.

  25. DT dotcom

    Yeah Brett it's up there, I think I still prefer O'Reilly's or Binna Burra. Best of all Lookout via Pine Creek Rd is the most challenging, last time I exploded.