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Eagle Mountain

Backcountry Ski
  • 13.4km
  • 1,236m
  • 2:47:21
    Moving Time


  1. Kendra Barrick


  2. Kendra Barrick

    Take Jacob and I up there sometime??

  3. Jamie Junker

    Kendra Barrick anytime!!! It'd be way too easy for you two tho, was just practice for Mount Columbia and Hector 😀

  4. Kendra Barrick

    Practice makes perfect :)

  5. Jamie Junker

    Kendra Barrick exactly!! :) want to be ready for those 🤗hopefully next month we can go!

  6. Kendra Barrick

    We will make it happen!

  7. Yoga B.

    Whhooo definately not Eagle Hill haha. Where's this Jamie

  8. Yoga B.

    Really miss seeing that face around here on the trails 😢

  9. Jamie Junker

    Yoga Bum really miss being out there and seeing you all the time too 😭no prairie mountain for an entire year, need a highway 66 fix 🤒

  10. Jamie Junker

    Yoga Bum it's just off the sunshine village goats eye chair I think? That or teepee town

  11. Yoga B.

    Oh yes I have heard of it then! No Prairies for a year?!?! You're so lucky 🙄ha!