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One week left in KOM Season, then base

  • 30.0mi
  • 4,127ft
  • 1:53:37
    Moving Time
  • 1,752


  1. Menso de Jong

    Bill et al., I don't expect to have these KOMs for long!

  2. Menso de Jong

    Also, for anyone in the top 20 or so on these hills, come race season in March I think I will do a variation of this loop every Tuesday, leaving from the traffic light at the top of Harder at say 5:30pm? It was a fun loop with short hard climbs and should be a good midweek tuneup for race season.

  3. Menso de Jong

    This route: http://app.strava.com/routes/57868

    regroup for 1-2 minute at the top of the climbs

  4. Bill Laddish

    works for me...Tuesday nights in the Hayward Hills!

  5. Menso de Jong

    Excellent. I will confirm the day and time in January when I know my class schedule. We can invite more people then.

  6. Bill Laddish


  7. John C.
    John C.

    Thats pretty cool, I never knew Sunnyslope went through.

  8. Menso de Jong

    It's technically trespassing for about 35 seconds uphill at a good clip. And a gate at either end to go around. As you can see from this ride, it took me two loops at the top to find it going down. It's really obvious on the way up.

  9. Mike L.
    Mike L.

    Your gonna own every hill in Hayward. I don't think i can compete.

  10. Menso de Jong

    So join in come March and we can own them all as a group. These weren't full efforts, and were on my rain bike, so I'm sure we can take a few seconds off them. Also, I'm done with my MS at CSUEB in July, then you guys can have your training grounds back!

  11. Mike L.
    Mike L.

    Sure Wouldn't mind meeting the local competition.

  12. Joseph Mendes

    Hey Menso, you took my KOM....I use to live right at the top of Sunnyslope :-)