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LKHC: Portola Valley Hills. On new bike!

  • 48.7mi
  • 4,222ft
  • 3:22:45
    Moving Time
  • 2,118
  • 115
    Suffer Score


  1. Giles D.
    Giles D.

    That pizza last night was a bad idea. And should have rested more - but I set PRs so who cares.

  2. Gregory P S.
    Gregory P Smith

    No worries, we'll give credit for that to your bike instead of you. ;)

  3. Giles D.
    Giles D.

    I think the credit goes to riding it with sensible gears more than anything. Most of those climbs are painful with a standard crank.

  4. Anthony J.
    Anthony Jawad

    You got a new bike?! Is it laterally stiff yet vertically compliant?

  5. Giles D.
    Giles D.

    Bill Strathearn gave away a 56cm 2006 S-Works Roubaix, and I installed spare parts on it. Its a bit lighter than my Pinarello, plus more importantly it has a compact double instead of a standard.