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LKHC Portola Valley

  • 50.8mi
  • 4,441ft
  • 3:42:16
    Moving Time
  • 2,339


  1. Lucas P.
    Lucas Pereira

    Nice. PR on all 6 climbs? :)

  2. Scott B.
    Scott B.

    Never did Summit Springs before, so yes with that caveat.

  3. Giles D.
    Giles D.

    Nice times Scott! You beat me on a bunch

  4. Daniel C.
    Daniel Connelly

    Interestingly, of all 69 riders today, yours is the only one where Strava doesn't identify the GPS source. What sort of computer or phone app were you using? Whatever you used worked very well, it seems. Or did you post-process the data somehow?

  5. Scott B.
    Scott B.

    I used a navi2coach. Just got it, so I don't have a lot of experience with how well it does relative to other devices. I'm still carrying a phone as a backup.

  6. Daniel C.
    Daniel Connelly

    Scott: It does extremely well relative to other devices! So well I thought you might have done "snap to road" on some portion of the route. I filed a support request on Strava to recognized the manufacturer and product codes from this one.