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LKHC #4 - PV Hills

  • 38.3mi
  • 4,088ft
  • 2:42:10
    Moving Time
  • 1,782
  • 122
    Suffer Score


  1. Brandon S.
    Brandon Smith

    Way to kill it! Will be fun to see how you did for your age.

  2. William Y.
    William Y.

    Yeah! Great job out there!! Nice riding with you again! Thanks for driving too!

  3. Bill L.
    Bill Laddish

    Excellent ride today....thanks for you and Brandon navigating the group!

  4. Rick S.
    Rick Smith

    Nice top 10 in your age group.Surprised you guys didn't do the Kings Mountain rd.

  5. Ramon P.
    Ramon P

    Impressive! Did you really do over 200bpm?

  6. Ray S.
    Ray Smith

    @ Ramon: negative on the HR- that waa a false reading during the first decent

  7. Bruce D.
    Bruce D.

    nice job Ray nice to have someone to look up to.
    no wonder your having golf issues, Go to the driving range and save yourself some money..