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LKHC Portola Valley Hills x Various Mishaps Collabo

  • 45.7km
  • 1,114m
  • 2:08:33
    Moving Time
  • 1,308


  1. Michael Kowalchuk

    Had some good climbs, but it looks like the GPS fix on Joaquin was no good, and I wasted a bunch of time looking for my fellow rider between climbs, which'll cost me big in penalty time.

  2. Mihai R.

    :( I'm sorry that you lost time looking for me. I waited 15 minutes at the base of Golden Oak E when I saw you taking the wrong turn then continued the normal route hoping to meet along the way.

  3. Mihai R.

    The good news is that for the general LKHC classification only your best 4 times matter so you should be able to still get a good general classification position even with today's mishaps.

  4. Michael Kowalchuk

    No worries - it's Low Key :)

  5. Michael Kowalchuk

    I think it's your best 5 for the GC though, since there are 9 climbs this year.

  6. Bart Niechwiej

    My GPS fix on Joaquin was terrible today - it shows 5 min for me! This is ridiculous :)

  7. Mihai R.

    Congrats Michael, you're the top Googler for the day!

  8. Michael Kowalchuk

    Woohoo, thanks!

  9. Daniel Connelly

    Interesting -- some weirdness with the GPS on Joaquin. Otherwise I saw that stuff only with Edge 500's. Did you have the unit mounted on your bars? Stem? In your pocket? Wrapped in foil? :)

  10. Michael Kowalchuk

    It was on a Garmin Out-Front mount. The Edge 510 seems to track a lot better than the 500 overall, but things can always get crazy out in the woods.