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LKHC #4 - Hills of Portola Valley

  • 56.1mi
  • 4,281ft
  • 3:56:09
    Moving Time
  • 2,318
  • 108
    Suffer Score


  1. Angelo J.
    Angelo J.

    4281 ft? Awesome!

  2. Bryn D.
    Bryn D.


    I messed up on W. Golden Oak Dr, thinking Granada Ct was Peak, sprinted past and then turned around to go on Peak was pretty pissed to see the sign said "Granada". Took a second U-turn and sprinted to the actual finish at Peak. Not sure how much time that cost me, 20 seconds at least. :(

    My plan was to ride conservatively on the earlier climbs and go harder on the later climbs. When I tested this route over the Summer, I was absolutely destroyed by Summit Spring Rd and was crawling up it. This time I was flying up Summit Spring Rd, so maybe I held a little too much back. The other lesson from my previous ride was how important it is to go SLOW between the timed hills and maximize recovery time.

  3. Angelo J.
    Angelo J.

    Either way... you still crushed it. Great job out there!