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Gravelaide with a there and back sandwhich

Ride March 26, 2017
  • 235.2km
  • 3,648m
  • 11:43:31
    Moving Time
  • 6,777
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  1. Matt W.


  2. Shane E.

    Big ride with lots of up, well done Dave

  3. Shane H E.

    So good. Nice work mate!

  4. J Ho ☁️

    can ride bikes still......just

  5. Phil Millham

    Loving your work mate.

  6. Justin L.

    Great ride! Pix look like beautiful place to cycle!

  7. Dave Edwards

    The Gravelaide part was the business. Such a mix of surfaces, with some hardback, some SOFT AS FUCK sand, sketchy rocky parts and even a water crossing. Top day in sport.

  8. Lewis G.

    Looks bang on that mate!

  9. Crispy C.

    Big. Really big.Top day out champ.

  10. Bill L.

    Awesome ride. So impressive.

  11. Rob Wood ☁

    Big day Mate, solid time around the course on already tired legs. Best of luck with the Otway 300, clearly you have enough form!

  12. Lance C.

    PHWOAR! Ripper ride Dave!

  13. Lance C.

    Shiiiiiiiiiiiiit, you're gonna tear my freakin legs off, ain't ya!?

  14. Dave Edwards

    Lance Cupido no, I have none left now!

  15. Maverick (.

    Gees that's a long day out didn't realise it was such a massive hit out. Well done!