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LKHC Portola Valley Hills

  • 61.9km
  • 1,309m
  • 2:55:59
    Moving Time
  • 1,706


  1. Kieran S.
    Kieran Sherlock

    Liam broke his chain on Page Mill on the way to the start. I went home again and got a link.

    Heart palpitations at the top of the first Golden Oak which lasted through Hillbrook.

    NIce post sunset ride back home (we had lights, so all was good).

  2. Ryan S.
    Ryan Sherlock

    I remember breaking chains back when I was starting out too!

  3. Kieran S.
    Kieran Sherlock

    I remember that ride!

    Liam was doing a big to small chainring change and didn't ease of the power I guess. Or maybe it was just an older chain.

    After we finish Summit Springs we were talking to some of the residents, they call it "chain breaker hill". Useful to know is that the guy right on the 30% corner has a chain tool and is willing to help :-)