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10/27/2013 Stanford, CA

  • 35.9mi
  • 4,925ft
  • 3:14:50
    Moving Time
  • 1,258
  • 38
    Relative Effort


  1. Brian F.

    How many LKHC have you done so far?

  2. Eva Silverstein

    Hi Brian. So far I've done two of them, Montevina a couple weeks ago and yesterday's sequence of portola steeps (the week in between would have been Bohlman/On-Orbit, James organized that one and they actually race up it, but I took the easier way out and did the SB century with an intermediate time trial :-)). Anyway it's a great series with a fun spirit. Next week is Black+Skyline, in time trial mode. If you are interested, sign up in advance on the website and put western wheelers as your team!

  3. Guido Magazzu

    You definitely triggered me with your comment on the Death ride ... More info needed ...

  4. Eva Silverstein

    Guido, actually you should ask the other person who commented on this ride -- Brian did the DR after training by doing several double centuries. (Of course you can google it if you need the basic info... )

  5. Guido Magazzu

    I will!

  6. Eva Silverstein

    Brian, FYI the signup closes at 8:45 tonight for this week's LKHC.

  7. Brian F.

    Ah I'm away *again* this weekend - Big Sur overnight tour.